SHOTLY (formerly The Caddie) is the most comprehensive golf analysis software ever created. Originally released in 1989, SHOTLY was the first analysis program for golfers and consistently the best for over 20 years.

Primarily, SHOTLY is a score acquisition and analysis system that allows you to understand your game in finite detail. The system will highlight your strengths, identify your weaknesses, and calculate a USGA® approved handicap. That valuable information will help you improve in two distinct ways.

  • Lower scores through better course management
  • Lower scores through more effective practice

Significant improvement is an attainable goal for every golfer, regardless of skill level, with the SHOTLY’s wealth of charts, graphs, and other visual tools.

SHOTLY also has an unsurpassed online community that allows members to communicate with others worldwide to post questions, comments, and feedback. The camaraderie provides unlimited benefit to everyone who participates.

Get a USGA Approved Handicap

Collaborate with friends in the most effective social network for golfers

Post rounds using our patented scorecard, online, or with your mobile device

Download the iPhone or Windows Phone app for more round posting options

Unsurpassed smartphone GPS rangefinder

Unbeatable performance analysis using contless charts, graphs, and statistics

The World's most accurate course database with certified verification

Ask questions and get answers from Class-A PGA Professionals

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